Apple iPhone 1G was the first touchscreen handset introduced by Steve Jobs in 2007 at Macworld. It was the beginning of an era of new technology in smartphones. It was the starting of Apple’s dominance in the world of smartphones.

1st Generation Apple iPhone 8GB Available Sealed Pack on eBay, for $20k

1st Generation Apple iPhone 8GB Available Sealed Pack on eBay, For a Hefty Price

In 2007, the 4GB variant of the Apple iPhone 1G was sold for $499 and the 8GB model was available at the price of $599. At that time, most smartphones didn’t even support gigabytes of internal memory. Apple iPhone 1G had a 3.5-inch multi-touch screen and a single-core processor. These features made iPhone 1G a big success at that time.

The iPhone 1G supports EDGE network instead of 3G. Using EDGE network on iPhone 1G means you cannot use other features like calls and message. There are no multimedia messaging features in iPhone 1G.

Apple first introduced Safari browser in iPhone 1G which was a considerably faster browser than other mobile browsers. As for the camera, the iPhone 1G has a 2MP camera with no flash. Most of Apple consumers who are using iPhone from the beginning know how cool iPhone 1G was.

The iPhone 1G was amazing back in the day, but the world has progressed now. Only collectors want this phone because it cannot be used as a normal phone nowadays. Its internet browser, camera, operating system and many other key features are outdated now. It’s like a classic car.

If you have $20,000 laying around, you can buy this historic piece of technology from eBay, sealed pack.

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