Another Hacking Group Emerges, Promising To Take Down PSN & Xbox Live This Christmas - GeeksULTD

Thanks to the whole Lizard Squad fiasco, many hackers are emerging nowadays promising to ruin an average gamer’s day.

After a whole blunder a YouTube accounts being hacked, it’s time for the newer hacking groups to feast on gaming networks this Christmas. A new group by the name of “R.I.U Star Patrol” has promised to take down PSN and Xbox Live this holiday.

After hitting a massive hack on EA earlier this month, the hacking group has definitely shown it’s potential about how serious the group really is.

On Twitter, the hacking group informed users about the takedown in a recent tweet. They said:

We have risen from the ashes of lizardsquad and we’re here to end all services gaming related.

Of course gamers will be pissed off at these huge corporations for allowing hackers to come back again and again. It’s time for such companies to do something about the security of their devices.