Cyanogen Shuts Down It's Services This Holiday - GeeksULTD

CyanogenMod has had an amazing part in expanding the Android community for more than a while. It won hearts of many Android users and enthusiasts that wanted to unlock new features, stay up-to-date, breath more life into older devices and tons more. CyanogenMod indeed was a huge stepping stone in the expansion of Android bringing in more developers, making and teaching more enthusiasts.

Developers, debuggers and theme stylists alike grew the Android community to huge heights.

CyanogenMod was indeed very well received by manufacturers such as OnePlus in the early days, and even Google themselves. Google even offered to buy the company earlier to which they rejected.


CyanogenMod, today announced that they’ll be shutting down all of their services by the 31st of December 2016. Sadly enough, the company also reported that the company will no longer be developing any more builds. Although, existing ROMs would continue to be alive and will be available to the public.