New Gran Turismo Sport Trailer Tries To Keep Up The Hype - GeeksULTD

Gran Turismo games have been exclusive to Sony’s PlayStation ecosystem and is a major title for Sony’s PlayStation consoles. With the release of the next installment in the Gran Turismo franchise, GT Sport still a question of when the sport is releasing. Sony is constantly teasing their next racing title. At PSX 2016, Sony showed off another trailer of the Gran Turismo Sport.

We could absolutely expect Sony to put their best into this game, especially with the new features Sony’s new consoles bring to the table, from their exclusive PSVR headset to their new beastly PlayStation 4 Pro that supports upscaling and HDR, we should see Sony taking full advantage of these new features with the next release in the trailer.

While there isn’t anything particularly new in the trailer, Sony is trying to keep up the hype for their next game. We should see the game arrive next year. Although, Sony is yet to release an official release date.