GTA V Still Among The Top 10 Sellers, Almost 15M Physical Copies Sold Worldwide On The PS4 - GeeksULTD

Grand Theft Auto 5 had an amazing release when it first launched on consoles. Fast forward to 2015, and RockStar decided to take their time and release GTA V on the PC free of issues.

Source- VGChartz

Since then, the open-world giant has sold over 14.8M copies physically on the PlayStation 4 alone. Its impressive to see how far the game has come over the years and how well RockStar is keeping the game fresh with new content. Considering these values are fairly accurate and represent physical sales only is just jaw-dropping.

While many gamers do believe that GTA VI (GTA6) is in the works, it’s almost time before RockStar unveils their next GTA title. Afterall, it has been more than three years now.

We think that RockStar wants to give GTA V some more time before even teasing the next game.