Leaked Picture Of The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Prototype Reveals Dual-Cameras at The Rear - GeeksULTD

Samsung just released the Samsung Galaxy S8 in hopes of delivering an all-new mobile experience. After the Xiaomi Mi MiX, Samsung revealed their Samsung Galaxy S8 jumping onto the highest screen-body ratio.

During the announcement and reveal of the Samsung Galaxy S8, many found that Samsung hasn’t upgraded the camera sensor on the S8 from the S7. The Samsung Galaxy S8 still utilizes the same camera sensor as the Galaxy S7, although Samsung was sure to offer better image tweaks compared to its predecessor.

Additionally, for a moment, it was also believed that Samsung would be boarding onto the dual-camera setups like its competitors, although that escalated off quickly.

Recently, a picture of a prototype of the Samsung Galaxy S8 was revealed on Chinese websites. Although it seems too far off at this moment, it the prototype shown in the pictures reveal a dual-camera setup for the Samsung Galaxy S8. If true, this is just a prototype, but it would be interesting to see if this actually makes it to the market or even how Samsung would restructure its naming scheme after ditching their Edge series and making it a standard.

What makes this picture interesting is the lack of a fingerprint sensor. As we said, if true, it going to be interesting where actually Samsung would integrate the fingerprint sensor. Under the display? That’s just wonders!

Credits to the owner

Credits to the owner