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The launch of Microsoft’s Project Scorpio is super essential for the launch of Microsoft meanest console to date. Targeting enthusiast gamers who want to game at 4K, the Scorpio promises to deliver and cater such users. Considering how PC gamers have been taking up the lead every time in the graphics department with powerful graphics cards that are relatively expensive, we’re quite interested to see what Microsoft’s Scorpio sacrifices to get their resolution upto 4k.

Sony has already outdone Microsoft in terms of sales numbers by launching their PlayStation 4 Pro earlier this year that actually upscales most games to 4K. However, if Microsoft’s Project Scorpio is in the reach for many gamers or even PC gamers, the Scorpio should really see great deal of users porting in. After a long year of teasers, Microsoft will finally unveil Project Scorpio at E3 2017 in its fully glory.

Forza Horizon 7, Battlefront 2 and Red Dead Redemption 2

Forza Motorsport 7 Announced Early by Fanatec, A Racing-Wheel Manufacturer

Microsoft will be unveiling Project Scorpio to the masses with three Triple-A titles. Red Dead Redemption 2, Forza Motorsport 7 and Star Wars Battlefront 2 according to a report. All three of these titles are highly hyped from their fans and should do justice for those who really want to experience what Microsoft has to offer. Only time will tell how these games perform on Microsoft’s Project Scorpio.

Taking a look back at Microsoft’s Claims

Microsoft has claimed that Project Scorpio will come with “uncompromised” 4K gaming which probably means that they will not be upscaling games to 4K. Now what alone is impressive considering that Sony’s PlayStation 4 uses upscaling techniques to upscale most demanding games upto 4K.

Now we do not expect this console to be anywhere near the size of Microsoft’s new revamped Xbox One S, although it’s the internals that will matter here. Project Scorpio will come packing 6TFLOPs of computer power from AMD and 4K gaming out of the box.


According to Microsoft’s own teaser of Project Scorpio, Microsoft said that they’ve been working for two years at that point, and now another year has come to pass by which means Microsoft has put three years into the console. Along the way, we saw Mr Phil Spencer, Head Of Xbox reveal that developers have already started working on optimizing Project Scorpio’s hardware, platform and games.

If we consider they are late to the party compared to Sony’s launch we think that Microsoft should have really put this extra year to good work and actually give enthusiasts the “True-4K” experience as they call it.

Now all we have to do is wait patiently what Microsoft has in store for Project Scorpio. It’s going to be great!


  • Billy

    They don’t have to waist anything to get, [email protected] res. I wanted to know what the min I could get [email protected] and play new MP games on PC so I built 2 PCs just to see using older cards and parts. Yes I know that Console and PC architectures are different but PC takes more power to run games at the same res, two main reasons. First there are no background apps, yes there is the OS but Consoles use a minimal OS when compared to a PC. Second games are optimized to run on a Consoles hardware, allowing it to run more efficiently, something that cant be done on PC because of the almost infinite hardware combinations, So PCs built. The first was 5.92TF with 256gb/s rating, and ran every game I could run on it that had a [email protected] rating with no issues. So I tried games that could run faster fps, no issues. The second PC did ok it was 5.54tf with 232gb/s and did ok but did not handle 60fps as well as I had hoped. So Project Scorpio is going to be 6tf with 320gb/s, can it do 4K without sacrificing? Yes I believe it can, not because I take what people tell me but because I built a minimal PC to see what was the lowest I could get [email protected] res with newer MP games. After all if it cant do new games, or even new MP games what would be the point of running 4K, or even advertising it as such. (cough, cough Pro)