Nexus 5X User Gets A RAM Upgrade In China After LG Refuses To Repair His Phone - GeeksULTD

Google released their fleet of Nexus phones in Q4 2015. Since then, Google has discontinued their Nexus line of smartphones. Among the last releases in the Nexus lineup, LG refused to repair a user’s Nexus 5X after failing to boot.

The user reported that he sent the phone all the way to China to get his phone repaired. After all, the Nexus 5X was a phone of its class at the time. Packed with Snapdragon’s 808 and 2GB of RAM, the only thing holding back the Nexus 5X from the competition was its RAM. Even for it’s time, competitors from the Android market were really giving it a tough time on paper. Although the Android OS really allowed it to swing back a few competition.

After being sent to China, the repair center in China suggested the user to upgrade the Qualcomm 808 chip and its RAM. After that was done, the user finally found that his phone was upgraded to 4GB of RAM.

The user found his phone in healthy condition and also managed to update his phone to Android 7.1.2 via OTA despite being modded. The repair costed the user a mere USD 87, but it was all worth it.