Nintendo Comes Up With Another Console, The 2DS XL - GeeksULTD

Nintendo is currently enjoying the massive success with their Nintendo Switch launch in April. Crossing over 3 Million lately, the console is winning hearts with its dazzling features and small game library.The 2DS XL comes with an official MSRP of $149 would make its debit on the 28th of July in the US.

The 2DS XL – 2017

While Nintendo has been very active on the community, Nintendo has finally came up with their new 2DS XL and it looks fabulous. As Nintendo mentions, they want to fill in the gaps between the 2DS and 3DS. Comparing the price with the 3DS, the 3DS currently retails for $199.

Over here, you’ll be left out on the 3D functionality that the 3DS offers. However, just as it’s elder brother that made it to the ring recently, the 2DS XL comes with NFC, Amiibo support and supports the 3DS’s library of titles.

The Launch Titles

While not the biggest, Nintendo will be releasing Hey Pikmin! and Miitopia as launch titles along the 2DS XL. However, gamers who really aren’t in those titles would be happy to access the thousands of games available elsewhere on the 2DS and 3DS.