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Microsoft just revealed the specifications of their upcoming console called Project Scorpio. At E3 2016, Microsoft announced the direction they are heading in with the reveal and glimpse of their two latest consoles dubbed the Xbox One S and Project Scorpio. Microsoft launched the Xbox One S last year October and had it’s sales lead for quite a while until Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro came to the scene.

The VR Hype Starts To Fade

We knew for a fact that both gaming console giants have some amazing consoles upcoming that are aiming to provide the 4K gaming experience to the masses. Additionally, both consoles and brands broadly shifted towards the visual quality performance of these consoles with Sony actually offering free HDR upgrades through an update that allowed their 2013 PlayStation 4 to support HDR.

On the other hand, Microsoft also lead the same way with the release of the Xbox One S and kept HDR as an Xbox One S exclusive to lure in more customers. Alongside the reveal of the Xbox One S, Microsoft also announced their upcoming console, dubbed “Project Scorpio”. Head of the Xbox Division, Phil Spencer said at E3 2016:

“The next-step change for gamers and developers must deliver true 4K gaming and high-fidelity VR”

In a discussion with Stevior last year, he further added:

“We designed Scorpio as a VR-capable console. Whether that happens this year, next year, or the year after.”

Afterall, since VR was a focus at the time, Microsoft slowly faded the hype regarding VR on the Project Scorpio despite Sony being fully prepared for their PSVR launch.

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In fact, Microsoft even removed the mention of VR from Project Scorpio’s website after a few months of E3 2016 which really meant something’s not right here.

There’s no doubt that Project Scorpio is capable to running VR, but their mindset definitely faded over time. We really expected Microsoft to give us at least a tease about VR, but that didn’t happen and was covered by the “uncompromised” 4K gaming experience promise Microsoft has going.

If we look back at Microsoft’s Project Scorpio Trailer, the Director of Bethesda Game Studios, Todd Howard did giveout a tease regarding Fallout coming out on VR. He said:

“We’re moving Fallout 4 to VR, and to have a console that can support that, at the resolution and speed that we really want, I think it’s gonna be magical.”

Taking a look at the output ports of the Scorpio really reveals a bit about the output options Project Scorpio comes with. According to the revealed internal illustrations Microsoft has been teasing along with Project Scorpio, there isn’t much we could make out of it.

There’s Hope

We really think that the idea of VR is still running as a project in the background for Scorpio. The lack of details, hype and additional features really leaves me skeptical about where VR is actually heading on Project Scorpio.

E3 2017 is coming, and we think this would be the time for Microsoft to unveil the game lineup for Project Scorpio. If that’s the case, all heads towards E3 2017. We hope to see more details about VR at E3.

  • Barry Harden

    Quite simple: It doesn’t have the horsepower to do VR. VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive require huge computing and graphics power something the Scorpio doesn’t have.

    • Danny MacGurk

      U are a fkn clown.

      • Barry Harden

        You a fcukboy.

    • TwoLiterSoda

      Lol so wrong, Scorpio has enough power in spades for VR.
      Quite simple: they waiting for E3. In fact they already said they plan on bringing VR and hololens to XB.

      • Barry Harden

        Do you know what the requirements are for both the Rift and Vive? How do you expect Scorpio to deliver the same performance compared to the PC’s?? There’s a reason why Micro$oft took out the VR listings in their marketing.

  • Danny MacGurk

    Microsoft is gonna adopt a 3rd party headset and save the cash spent on R and D and just go with the best one out there….oculus rift..psvr lol

  • Vega is Cuuuming!

    VR is dead

  • TwoLiterSoda

    I’m more interested in mixed reality like HoloLens then I am in straight up VR. I bought in to the hype and purchased Sony’s VR, what a mistake that was but I should have known better based on Sony’s past of not supporting their peripherals…Sonys Move, PS Eye… Come on. I didn’t sell my PS VR, yet, as I have hope more 3rd party games will support it. As for MS and Scorpio, I have faith it will be much more supported. I’m going to buy a Scorpio no matter what for the 3rd party games, but I’m going to hold off buying any type of VR if released until it proves it is worth it, won’t need making the same mistake I did with Sony VR.

  • Shawn

    They have already stated they will support multiple headsets the scropio has a special port in the back for hololens/vr so theres that

  • Hvd

    its comming moron.