Xiaomi's Mi6 Rips Off The iPhone 7 in Pristine Colors, Snapdragon 835, 6GB RAM & Dual Camera Sensors For $359 - GeeksULTD

Xiaomi, the buzz in the Asian smartphone market! Most Asians may not need an intro about Xiaomi. For those who need one, Xiaomi has been manufacturing high-quality smartphones in the smartphone market for more than a while now. Packing high-end features for a fraction of a cost, Xiaomi quickly gained its recognition for not only providing high-end hardware, but also for high-quality worthy smartphones.

The Mi6 Unveil – Xiaomi’s “Courage” Ripping Off Apple!

Although they’ve been focusing on the smartphone market for quite a while now, Xiaomi really seems to be sticking with the SEA market for a while. The Xiaomi Mi6 was officially unveiled today. The company really set the stage and made a few sacrifices to it’s successor.

Taking the hardware into account, the Xiaomi Mi6 packs the latest and greatest Snapdragon 835 SoC in tandem with a few storage options. The Xiaomi Mi6 comes in three configurations, 6GB+64GB, 6GB+128GB and lastly a ceramic model that boasts the same 6GB+128GB configuration.

The Xiaomi Mi6 should you back about RMB 2499 ( RM 1,599 / US $359) for the standard 64GB variant and (MYR 1849 / $ 420) for the 128GB standard model. Kicking the enthusiasm notch higher for the ceramic edition, that would cost you (MYR 1920 /US $ 435).

Coming over to the design of the Mi6, the Xiaomi Mi6 really rips off the iPhone 7, believe it or not. On top of that, if Apple’s courage wasn’t enough, the Xiaomi Mi6 also ditched the headphone jack.

Let’s Talk About Features – Hey, Apple Did It, Why Don’t We Try?

Other than just a dip in paint, the Xiaomi Mi6 comes with a few bells and whistles. According to Xiaomi, the Xiaomi Mi6 scores over 180K in Antutu taking a lead over the Samsung Galaxy S8, at least on paper despite both boasting similar hardware.

The Xiaomi Mi6 also comes with 4-axis OIS like it’s predecessor, the Xiaomi Mi5. According to Xiaomi, optimizations done to MIUI in the future should allow the battery last a day.

With the expense of ditching the headphone jack, Xiaomi has included dual speakers that act as stereo speskers to make up for the removal.

However, it didn’t end there. Xiaomi also jumped onto the dual camera game with the Xiaomi Mi6. Just like the iPhone 7 Plus, the dual cameras at the rear of the phone act of seperate cameras, one is reserved for normal pictures, meanwhile, the second acts as a 2X optical zoom retaining that field-of-view.

With the help of Xiaomi’s ISP, the Xiaomi Mi6 would also add in 10X digital zoom that would create some neat looking shots while not completely ruining the shot.

Seems like an amazing phone overall. Despite all of these improvements I could see Xiaomi Mi5 users like me waiting for the right moment to upgrade as the Mi5 is still a butt-kicker right now and could be found for almost $200 for the Snapdragon 821 phone from a reputable brand. If that’s not a steal, what is? – Personal Thoughts, Usman