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Battlefield 4 was among EA’s most successful launches despite having a ton of issues at its launch. To this day, Battlefield 4 is plagued by net-code issues that create hitreg issues at times. However, that doesn’t change the fact that Battlefield 4 was a great game to many. In fact, to me personally, its my favorite to grind along with my team.

With the launch of Battlefield 1, there has been a huge hit on the amount of servers available in the Asian region. Battlefield 1 takes a huge turn around compared to Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 4. Going back in time doesn’t really work for many. Now while I do get that there’s many business decisions behind this, that doesn’t change the fact that many gamers still play Battlefield 4 till now.

Taking a look at some player counts, we could see a very healthy, yet active player base for Battlefield 4. As we could see from the graph, the player count has dropped immensely at the start of 2017 rather than at the launch of Battlefield 1.

Credits | BattlefieldTracker.com

Personally, after the launch of Battlefield 1, I went out and bought the game. A month later, I switched to CS:GO. Hopping back into Battlefield 4 shows that there’s only 1 server in Asia. I would personally love EA to keep Battlefield 4 alive if Hardline wasn’t a success for them. Perhaps, a few official servers.

Back in Q3 2016, there were a ton of Asian servers catering and fulfilling the Battlefield 4 we wanted at its launch. Seeing it disappear really forces me to go to Counter Strike rather than Battlefield 1.

Until today, competitive players and casual players continuously upload their gameplays to YouTube that really shows how much they want to stick to Battlefield 4. Sadly in Asia, Battlefield 4 seems to be at the end of its life.

  • CrazyMac10

    I’m with you on not liking bf1, even without playing it. I don’t want to spend my money on it either. I’ll jump ship to another modern shooter franchise.

    • Usman Jabbar

      Yeah, but BF4 holds a special place TBH to me 🙁 Thanks for coming!

    • DarthDiggler


      Actually Battlefield 1 is a great game the new maps they have been releasing have been excellent. I do miss some of my modern weaponry toys, but BF1 is a very satisfying shooter nonetheless.

  • Vibro

    I loaded up bf4 on my new xbone 1s – rank 132 – all my weapons are gone.

    • Barry Harden

      That’s what you get for playing on an XBone.

      • DarthDiggler


        Its a Battlefield issue not a console issue you twit.

        • Barry Harden

          XBL has had many issues so you can’t just pin this one on the game. Last I checked the PS4 version of Battlefield didn’t have these problems. Please don’t be that XBone fuckboy.

    • DarthDiggler


      Likely a temporary issue. I have had that issue with other Battlefield games. May be due to them updating the servers that contain that info.

  • H’m

    First the stupidy of the title is amazing in the fact bf4 ( unfortunately… )
    died long before this 🙁
    iv played battlefield everyday since the orig bad company and as a part of the largest bf community ( playstation < FACT! ) in years, since then i can tell you one thing

    Battlefield 4 died the day dice released the so called UI UPDATE!!
    ( aug 2016 ) to bring it inline with bf1… and before that there was an abundance of servers
    ( well being able to find them )
    without the 69/64 etc issues,

    and its easy to see that dice intentionally ruined bf4 with the ui update causing these issue with hopes that everyone would hop over to bf1 gaining more sales, and you might say well im just full of sh*t to say such a thing….. but

    unrelated.. but any true fan that considers battlefield 1 < a true bf game is just lying to themselfs, its a battlefront clone pure and simple
    ( tbut thats a whole other story )

    • DarthDiggler


      I am seeing quite a few friends play it again.

      Anecdotal evidence but is interesting.

  • Sotyka94

    “To this day, Battlefield 4 is plagued by net-code issues…” What? Its one of the best netcode right now. Better than any other BF, any other CoD, even better than cs (if we compare 60 hz with 64 tick).Ofc its not perfect, no such things exist yet due to technical limitation, but its definetly in the top 1%.

    • DarthDiggler


      Battlefield 1 and Battlefront had next to no issues.