This Fan Made Concept Of PlayStation 4's Minimal UI Excites Me - GeeksULTD

Sony and Microsoft’s consoles have a very different take on UI. While Sony’s PlayStation 4 features a ton of simplicity along with a great balance of function, Microsoft’s take on UI for their Xbox One takes their excellent material design from Windows 10 into account.

Both UIs are really good at keeping users compelled and still don;t feel outdated even after four years. Both Sony and Microsoft have added and made a few tweaks over the years. However, a fan made concept we stumbled across really pumps us up if Sony would have actually implemented such a UI design.

According to the fan who made the concept UI video, he manually animated the video allowing the video to get a more natural look than what we expected.

Without a doubt, I could personally assure you that there are a ton of users who would be feeling the same as I am about this UI. However, the end decision is up to Sony to confirm. Indeed an excellent work of art by the creator/animator.