Google Finally Shows Off The Potential Of Google Home In Their Latest Commercial - GeeksULTD

Google has been promoting their Google Home assistant for more than a while now. Since the launch of Google’s Pixel series of smartphones, Google has been working closely to improve the AI experience on their whole Google ecosystem. Since then, Google has been seen touting what Google Home is capable of doing, but hasn’t been really showing off the potential of their dedicated assistant in my opinion until now.

In a recent commercial posted by Google on their YouTube page, Google finally got an excellent ad done right! Google clearly shows off what their dedicated assistant, Google Home, is capable of doing. From playing songs, to controlling various devices, it’s all here in their latest advertisement video.

I really think that Google Home is an excellent and potential device even with the existence of Amazon’s Alexa and other digital assistants. We are looking forward for Google to keep more impressive ads coming in for the Google Home allowing as much users to be informed about the device. That is, if Google expands its availability to other countries as well.