One Of The Best Budget CPUs This Generation, The G4560, Might Be Taken Down By Intel To Force Core i3 Sales - GeeksULTD

The PC market is largely dominated by Intel CPUs. With Intel taking over AMD for almost a decade, Intel has built a large user base with Intel holding onto 80% of the total market share according to Steam’s hardware survey.

UPDATE: Intel says that the G4560 is here to stay! “There is no change to the Intel Pentium products. We continue to offer the Intel Pentium SKU [G4560]. – reported PC Gamer

With the launch of Ryzen a few months ago, Intel has been taken by storm. AMD’s Ryzen lineup consists of three main categories, the Ryzen 3, 5 and 7. As of now, AMD’s Ryzen 7 and 5 CPUs have made it into the wild and have proven to be very successful for AMD. What’s left is to see how well AMD’s Ryzen 3 CPUs perform once they launch later this year.

With AMD’s Ryzen 3 being absent on the attendance sheet, Intel has a strong hold of the entry-level or budget-conscious gamer with their Core i3 range of CPUs. With the launch of Intel’s Kaby Lake CPUs, not only did Intel launch an overclockable i3, but also launched a successor to the legendary Pentium G3258. The Pentium G3258 was a huge hit for Intel with gamers trying to get their hands on one. With its strong single-core performance along with the ability to overclock like a champ at $65, the G3258 was indeed an excellent CPU from Intel.

With Kaby Lake, Intel’s plans made an unusual turn. The Pentium G4560 became an excellent choice for gamers since it was a champ of a performer at half the price of Intel’s Core i3 CPUs. At $65, not only did you get 80%~ of Intel’s Core i3 performance, but it also had the power of Intel’s hyper-threading technology that was exclusive to Intel’s Core i3 and i7 series of CPUs. Being a $65 back at its launch, and is now at almost $80, things aren’t going very well.

At tech blog called Digiworthy claims that Intel could limiting the production of the G4560 so that users may go for a Core i3 CPU instead. Of course Intel wouldn’t completely kill it off immediately. Everyone knows how the community would react to that. Thanks to the 2 core/4 threads, the CPU is simply a champ when it comes to temperatures as well. Above, Digital Foundry explores how the G4560 stacks up to Intel’s competition.