Steam Cracks Down 40K Hackers In Just One Day - GeeksULTD

Steam has always been accused of having a weak anti-cheat system. With their two major titles, Counter-Strike Global Offensive and Dota 2 causing a huge outrage. Valve has finally cracked down onto these hackers with one hacker’s profile being taken down whose inventory was worth over $2000.

According to the hacker, he hasn’t been banned on CS:GO, but has been banned from another game, DayZ. In terms of Counter-Strike’s player base, a worthy number of players now revert to other matchmaking websites just as FaceIt and ESEA. These platforms not only have far superior systems to ban cheaters but also have significantly better servers.

Credits: SteamDB

While this is Steam’s biggest crackdown this year, having a better system could be the ultimate solution to keep a better and cleaner gaming community.