Here is the Hawkeye build’s benchmarks, some of you waited for the Hawkeye’s benchmarks, here it is. For the specs go back to this link:



So then as the above games the build performed very well at 1080p, though the GTX 960 was struggling with GTA V with Very High Settings. Even though if we set it to ultra the game was playable at 30-36FPS with FPS dips, but we had lags every 2-5 seconds. We didn’t get any chance at the moment to use DX12 on our GTX 960 as of this post’s publish date. Even though as of the moment, on Nvidia’s side, the DX12 has no use.

GTA V + GRID 2 BenchmarksAre you satisfied enough or is there anything left? Let us know in the comments section below.