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The new Xbox One Elite Bundle will have 1TB of SSHD goodness!

The $500 did'nt catch our attention

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Microsoft recently announced the new Xbox One Elite console with a good decent amount of storage now. Now that we see double the storage but also 20% faster loading times thanks to the SSHD equipped in the new model. This new model will cost the same bulky $500 as the original Xbox One release but dropping the Kinect which isn’t very much acceptable to use at that price tag. The original Xbox One release made sense of the $500 with the console, controller and the Kinect sensor, but the Elite makes no sense to us just for swappable small parts, especially the $150 for the Elite controller. It costs almost half of the original Xbox One Console just for the controller. Microsoft claims it as “the ultimate gaming experience”.

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It’s set to release worldwide on the 3rd of November 2015, that is to be confirmed. In the US, it will be sold exclusively on GAMESTOP and Microsoft Store.



Meanwhile, the Elite controller will be sold for $150 each! One of these controllers is included in the Xbox Elite Bundle, the Xbox Elite Controller will start its sales starting from October 2015, a month earlier than the Xbox One Elite Bundle release. Microsoft also announced today a “Lunar White” version of the standard Xbox One controller. It sports all the new refinements, a slick-looking color scheme, and “improved grip texture.” In the US, this controller will be sold only at GameStop, where it will cost $65 starting in late September.

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You could pre-order the Xbox One Elite Bundle now. Even though it’s not worth an upgrade over the original Xbox One, you could still pre-order it in the US, using Microsoft’s link here.

[Source: Gamespot]


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