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Powercolor Radeon R9 390 8GB Graphics Card Review

Today we got our hands on Powercolor’s R9 390. This is the cheapest R9 390 you could get for under RM1500. Despite it being the most inexpensive R9 390, you’re getting a beautiful card with triple fans and that awesome backplate that isn’t just for aesthetics.R9 390 3 Fan

R9 390 Display Output Ports
As of the output options there’s nothing fancy here. There’s 1 x Displayport, 1 x HDMI and 2 x DVI ports.
R9 390 backplate
However, I really want to mention that the backplate is great and doesn’t trap heat.
R9 390 Power Connectors
Nothing fancy here as well. Just some branding and power connectors. To juice up this card you’ll need a 6 pin and an 8 pin connector. Below you’ll find the GPU-Z of the card.
R9 390 GPUZ
UNIGINE Heaven 4.0

All of the options are maxed out!

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
Ultra Preset and in-game benchmark utility was used in this test



In-game benchmark utility is used on the ULTRA preset
In-game benchmark utility is used on the ULTRA preset


BATMAN Arkham Knight
maxresdefault (1)
Fully maxed out every single option. VSync Off

Here are the idle and 100% load temperatures. I must compliment the fans. Yes they fully shut off under low loads. When a game is run it ramps up the fans which is pretty common in most graphics cards found today. Even though, its good to have it there. One thing I did notice that after exiting heavy loads such s games or Furmark, the fans ramped down from around 75 degrees to around 60% in almost 2 seconds which is fast, at least for me.
Enough talk, here’s the cards idle and 100% full load temps.

We would like to award this product our Silver Award!
We would like to award this product our Silver Award!

Usman Abdul Jabbar

Usman Jabbar is a tech enthusiast on the mission to learn anything about tech. Proudly supports the PCMR. He believes that nothing could be perfect, so why hate on something else? Also a Battlefield 4/CSGO player and is the man behind the wheels handling the business matters and the site itself! To contact me, follow me, or even constructively criticize me! Contact me however you feel is right!


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