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Prolink Fuscus Review: An “el-cheapo” LED Backlit 2400DPI Gaming mouse worth it?

The Prolink Fuscus Gaming Mouse is an inexpensive mouse that wants the space on your desk. At the time of this review its price tag hovering around the RM30/USD$6.50 mark. It features some cool nicks and a few drawbacks, as usual. The mouse seems to be concentrating towards the average consumer who just burnt a hole in his pocket. So is shoving another RM30~, worth it? Let’s find out!

01| The Unboxing/Showoff

Well the box was pretty much straight-forward, nothing much! You just get a user manual which just labels the different areas of the mouse and you get the mouse itself.

The showoff!
The showoff!


02| Design

Prolink Fuscus Review: An "el-cheapo" LED Backlit 2400DPI Gaming mouse worth it? 2
There’s four buttons on the top, the left click and right-click buttons, scroll wheel and the DPI adjustment button.

Coming to the design of the mouse is just good in my opinion, I can’t say that its great. The mouse seems well built at the same times some areas really seem to show up where they cut down their costs. The mouse seems to fit in my hand very well. I also really like the way how my hand resets onto it, except that I missed the rubber grips. The mouse has a matte finish on the top with some LED glowing working in there. It really seems to come together in my opinion.

The right side of the mouse is plain. Coming to the left side of the mouse you’ll find the forward and backward buttons which are excellently placed.


And lastly towards the bottom you’ll find two four pads, the S/N (a neat addition), and the usual optical sensor.

For aesthetics, there’s a 7-color breathing LED backlit system for the geeks who just want that dope look. The minor downsides which I really felt were the LED lighting not reaching the scroll wheel and not having the option to lock the color you like.

03| Build Quality


The build quality in my opinion is just decent. I have been using this mouse for a week now and the mouse sure has some quirks. The forward and backward feel flimsy. The same story continues with the buttons on top of the mouse, more specifically, the DPI button and the left & right-click buttons. I also missed the addition of some use of rubber onto the sides of the mouse which was a bit disappointing. Looks like Prolink really had to cut down costs over here.


However, I can say the cable as promised on the box felt strong, it seems like they put some work into it, even though I don’t really care about it. The same story continues with the USB connector it isn’t the best in the world but sure feels like a solid addition. Kudos to Prolink!

04| User Experience

p1200164The user experience with this mouse was Okay. I have a few complaints for it such as the loud right and left-clicks and the color breathing may be great for many, but it isn’t the best for me.

I’ve been using the mouse with Xiaomi’s Mouse Pad this week. However, when it comes to gaming, even FPS games, I really loved the mouse. I really never felt any lag. The mouse glides smoothly and the mouse really seemed pleasant to use. I am really comfortable with the 800DPI


05| Pricing/Conclusion

For RM28, I really can’t complain about this mouse. I must say I sure am satisfied with the day to day usage. The only cut down I can see is the quality of the mouse. The mouse will do ever task like ever other mouse but as I said it has a cut down in its quality. I really would have appreciated an RM50 mouse with better LED options, better gripping and better quality. But in the end the price is dead low and due to it being so light, its easily portable.

Thank you to Prolink for providing me a sample of their Fuscus Gaming Mouse to review!

We would like to award this product our Bronze Award!
We would like to award this product our Bronze Award!

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