Asus Transformer Book TP200S Flip Review: A masterpiece by Asus!

Flippy Flap stuff don’t arrive at our door everyday. Today Asus’s Transformer Book TP200S paid us a visit. Its a small form factor laptop that starts from RM1499. So how’s this plastic thingy? Let’s find out!

01| Unboxing & Showoff!

Very basic packaging here. Not Bad
Very basic packaging here. Not Bad
Not much of a showoff here as well!
Not much of a showoff here as well!
Here's the specs
Here’s the specs

How about a test drive now, shall we?

Here's what you'll get on the box
Here’s what you’ll get on the box

02| Design & Build Quality


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The design of the Transformer book TP200S is pretty decent overall. It is mostly built of plastic and seems that it could take some beating. The body seems to have no flex at all, which is a good sign of how solid is this laptop built. The laptop seems to be fairly light in laptop mode but when you flip it into a tablet it really feels super heavy (assuming the user will be holding it with one hand and the other hand to touch).


One thing I really loved was the hinge boy oh boy its been long since I’ve seen such a stiff hinge (I used to have the old Dell laptops). I want to express it in a good way. While I flip the laptop 270 degrees the laptop feels sturdy and solid. Sure the usual wobble is present, but the stiff hinge really tackles with this issue.

Towards the top you have the usual Asus and some brushed metal finishing on top.
Towards the top you have the usual Asus and some legitimate brushed metal finishing on top.
Flipping up the laptop, and one the right you'll find one USB 2.0 and a headphone jack. That's all
Flipping up the laptop, and on the right you’ll find one USB 2.0 and a headphone jack. That’s all!
Towards the left of the laptop you'll find the Charging port, volume up and down buttons, power button, SD card reader, mini HDMI port, USB 3.0 port and lastly the all new USB C port (Nice to see Asus include this)
Towards the left of the laptop you’ll find the Charging port, volume up and down buttons, power button, SD card reader, mini HDMI port, USB 3.0 port and lastly the all new USB C port (Nice to see Asus include this)
Underneath the laptop you'll find four footpads, some labelling about the laptop and two speakers towards the bottom of the image
Underneath the laptop you’ll find four footpads, some labelling about the laptop and two speakers towards the bottom of the image.

Overall, I think Asus has made a good option of ports and a good option of build materials. Though, I’d love Asus to improve on the weight and bezels on this laptop which can surely be done as they did with the ZenBook UX305, sure the UX305C didnt have the flipping mechanism and wasn’t able to touch but yeah it was sure lighter and thinner. I think Asus’s mobiles are another example especially when they claim to combine a PC and a tablet. For our Asus Zenbook UX305C review you can have a look here.

03| Display and Audio

The display on the Transformer book is just okay. Yet again no bells or whistles here. Just an ordinary screen
The display on the Transformer Book TP200S

The display on the TP200S is pretty good in my opinion. The TP200S is equipped with an 11.6″ inch 1366 x 768 screen. In my opinion the color production is just okay, sharpness is okay,viewing angles are excellent and brightness is also okay, though, there’s room for improvement. The touch screen is one of the main aspects that made this laptop a 2-in-1, the display supports upto 10 touch points. Asus please give us thinner bezels next time! Overall, I would say the display is okay for the average user.

Here are the speakers. The are underneath the laptop, I wish they were at the sides.
Here are the speakers. The are underneath the laptop, I wish they were at the sides.

The speakers on the TP200S are good in my opinion and I would even go as far as saying that they sound way louder than the UX305C which I reviewed earlier over here! Though, that’s not to say the the TP200S is a powerhouse its just loud enough to get the job done. In noisy environments its audible but I wish that the speakers should be placed somewhere else in my opinion.



The Asus Transformer Book TP200S performance. Here are the specs:

Here's the specs

The TP200S as you’ve seen from the specs you’re getting a Celeron CPU paired with 64GB of internal storage ad 2GB RAM. I have the 2GB RAM variant of this laptop. So how does this thing perform? Well to be quite honest, I was really depressed by its performance on the 2GB model. I guess this mainly has to do with the RAM as I noticed opening more than 1 tab really gives the laptop a nightmare. I had Google Chrome running a normal website and on the second tab I had a Youtube video running, the laptop really had hard hiccups. As if you aren’t watching a video, I found that when you open more than 2 tabs on Chrome, the laptop lags and also closes the previous tabs, as usual. I really think that “This laptop is really suitable for those people who would be doing one task at a time.

Here’s the RAM usage. Yes I know Chrome has multiple instances running at the same time, but many people love to use Google Chrome as their main browser. This is when Google Chrome is running 2 tabs.

RAM USage TP200

Finding the outcome of this I looked up on Asus’s website for some research. I found that this laptop comes in two variants.

  • Processor
    Intel® Pentium ® Quad-Core N3700 Processor
    Intel® Celeron ® Dual-Core N3050 Processor
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Home
    Windows 10 Pro
  • Memory
    DDR3L 1600 MHz SDRAM, up to 4 G, OnBoard Memory
  • Display
    11.6″ 16:9 WXGA (1366×768)
  • Graphic
    Integrated Intel ® HD Graphics
  • Storage
    – 32GB eMMC
    – 64GB eMMC
    – 128GB SSD

I have the Celeron N3050, 2GB DDR3L and Windows 10 Home variant. Though, I would sincerely recommend the Pentium N3700 with the 128GB SSD and 4GB of RAM for to get the best out of this Transformer Book

If you’re looking for benchmarks, here they are!

Screenshot (11)

Here’s some CineBench R15 scores, just for my stats….


05| Battery Life


The Asus TP200S has a good battery life in my opinion.  In 4 hours of using it the laptop battery dropped by 40% ( from 69% to 29%) which is pretty awesome considering that I my usage was medium at 100% brightness. So of the battery was at 100% you could expect the battery life to be much longer, you could expect the battery to last you around 8-10 hours. Excellent work here Asus!

06| User Experience & Conclusion


Boy oh boy, no matter how good a laptop is, the user experience matters the most. Using the laptop was a fairly good experience in my opinion, except the performance of this variant. The typing experience was awesome in my opinion for a laptop, the mousepad in my opinion is better than the UX305C since the right and left-click buttons in the touchpad are stiff giving you a sense of quality. As of the touch, in laptop mode seems functional, I mostly used it to scroll down webpages, its a nice feature to have! As of the bad, please Asus re-consider the bezels and weight of this laptop if you want to give it better functionality

As of this variant of the TP200S with the Dual-Core Celeron N3050 with 2GB, this retails for RM1,499. Would I recommend this laptop? If you ask me of this variant, No! I would recommend getting the higher spec of the Transformer Book TP200S. This isn’t a bad laptop to begin with, it is overall an excellent masterpiece by Asus in my opinion if you get the higher spec Transformer Book which has the Pentium N3700 and 4GB of RAM, it may cost you a bit more, but it’s totally worth it. DANG I think this wraps up this review!

We would like to award this product our Silver Award! Exceptionally a superb product!
We would like to award this product our Silver Award! Exceptionally a superb product!

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