Cooler Master launches their Devastator II Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo for RM199

Cooler Master is no stranger in the PC Market when it comes to PC Hardware and peripherals. Cooler Master recently launched a successor to their Devastator lineup.

Devastator II Infographic_keyboard features [791]

The keyboard is a mem-chanical keyboard, which Cooler Master claims it to be Mechanical-like switches. With them having their custom switches allows the keyboard to have a longer lifespan and is compatible with Cherry MX Keycaps. Towards the top of the keyboard they have a few dedicated media shortcut keys which are pretty common and a neat addition.


Devastator II Infographic_mouse features [789]As of the mouse, it comes in three colors, red, green and blue. It has a DPI ranging from 500 to 2000DPI and has a lifecylcle of 10 Million clicks. One thing that is great about the mouse is that it is an ambidextrous mouse, in other words it could be used by left and right-handed users.

The Devastator II Combo is retailing at a fairly good price of RM199. Considering the price tag, you’re getting a good combo with a few minor quirks. Make sure you’re getting the color you want because you can’t change the color later. If you are keen to get this combo, do keep an eye out for this on your favourite retailers and e-retailers.

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