7 Reasons Why Jailbreaking Is Not good For your iPhone

From last 6 years, jail-breaking is becoming a headache for Apple. Jailbreaks helps users to install thousands of apps for free but on the other hand it violates iOS terms and conditions. It can cause permanent damage to your iPhone in short period of time if something goes wrong.

Apple encourages its users not to jail-break their devices because breaking rules is always “Bad Idea”. These are the seven following reasons why jail-breaking your iPhone is a bad idea.

1) Security Vulnerabilities:

Jail-breaking is unauthorized modification which eliminates your Security layers that helps you to secure your personal information. Hackers can access your iPhone and cause damage by accessing your personal info. Your phone can be more insecure to viruses, malware and spyware.

2) Disruption of Services:

Built-in apps like weather, visuals, voice-mails and stocks do not work on iPhone . Third party applications that are installed from the App Store causes difficulty in Apple’s Push Notification function. iCloud and Exchange causes problem during synchronization of data.

3) Unstable iOS:


Jailbreak causes third party apps to cause frequent crashes and freezing in iPhone and sometimes, your data is lost.

4) Shortened Battery Life:

Jail-break is a hacked software and it utilizes more power thus decreasing the battery life of the device. Hence it effects iPhone’s battery life. It lowers the battery timing of the phone.

5)  No Reliability on Voice Data And Location Service:

Dropped calls and slow data connections is one of the major issues about which Apple want its user to know. Furthermore, location service don’t work well as usual.

6)  No Future Updates:


Apple future application and firmware updates don’t apply for jailbreak iPhones. The future software updates are not meant for jailbreaked devices, so the jailbreak users have to do it all manually. And if something goes wrong, your iPhone can be bricked.

7) Apple May Deny Its Services For Hacked Devices:

Warranty of your iPhone ends when you jailbreak your phone. Company will not be responsible for your device’s problems. So if your warranty is void, then that is a risk you’re taking. If something goes wrong, no one has your back.

So guys that’s it for this article. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.



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