Assassin’s Creed Upcoming Video Game Movie

Assassin’s Creed Upcoming Video Game Movie


We all are familiar with Assassin’s Creed gaming series. The credits goes to Ubisoft, the creators of the Assassin’s Creed for its game play, different civilizations and the wars between the Templars and Assassins in all of its series. Now one of the most successful games of all time is going to be the best video game movie.

Director Justin Kurzel and his cast of the movie are talented and hard workers. Assassin’s creed movie can be interesting than the movies like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. These movies were not very successful because of its source material which offered very little story work with the original games.

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Assassin’s Creed will be the best fantasy adventure Sci-fi movie in which hero Michael Fassbender will travel back to time using time machine Animus (as featured in the game) and discover his ancestor’s secret deadly secret society “Assassins”. The release date of the Assassin’s Creed movie is 21 December, 2016.



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