Google & Sony Developing a ‘Camera Lens’ For Your Eye


This sounds like something straight out of a Mission Impossible movie, however it is true. Two technological giants, Sony and Google, have filed patents to develop a camera that is going to fit in your eyes. This camera can record videos and capture images.

Sony filed a patent for a camera lens that will start recording when you blink your eyes in a specific pattern.

While on the other hand, Google is skipping the whole wearable concept. Google will develop an eye implant that will be injected in your eye using medical procedures. The Google’s eye implant can give you the option to preview any moment happened in the past. It can also have features like live broadcasting, NFC, GPS, LTE, etc.

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But yeah, as you guessed, there are drawbacks of this and some advantages too.

Like, if you want to secretly record something (spy), this thing is a must-have for you. It is also good for people who don’t want holding a camera around. But yeah, the drawbacks are bigger than its applications.

Airports, stadiums and other high-security places will have people who will check your eye for possible cameras, if they don’t allow recording inside.

Sony’s patent seems pretty reasonable. As it is wearable. But Google’s eye implant is insane, like sometimes if you have to take it off, you can’t. Also, if these eye implants/camera lens have Wi-Fi or the ability to go online, they can secretly spy on you. They will know when you leave for work or what are you doing at a specific moment. So yes, it does effect privacy.

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It google is going for implants….if it will give back sight to people, i’m 110% behind it, big bother or not.


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