Google Uses A Very High-Resolution Camera for Preserving Art

Google Uses A Very High-Resolution Camera for Preserving Art



Google has always been doing something for the preservation of art, but now, it has developed a high-resolution camera that can capture art works. It’s called “Art Camera”. Google has recaptured around 1,000 arts and preserved some of them. Google worked on developing the camera for years, and now, it has built around 20 units. The cameras are lent all over the world for the preservation of beautiful arts.

How does it work?

The camera is placed in front of a painting and is shown each corner of the painting. After that, the camera knows the dimensions of the painting and then automatically recaptures the art. The camera moves around the painting, capturing each minor detail at a high-resolution, ensuring that the recapturing process is done without errors.

Time saver:

A program manager at Google’s Cultural Institute, Marzia Niccolai, says that a one meter by one meter painting can be recaptured in 30 minutes using this camera, while doing it without the camera could take up to a day.

Check out this video:

Some examples of the art preserved using the camera:

You can check out the scans captured from the camera here. As you can see while zooming in, the camera captures everything almost perfectly.




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