Microsoft Rumored to Sell the Smartphone Business

Microsoft Rumored to Sell the Smartphone Business


Everyone knows that Microsoft wasn’t so successful in the smartphone business. Chinese Site VTech said that Microsoft is planning to sell their mobile business (Nokia’s license) to Foxconn. If you’re a PC enthusiast, you already know about Foxconn. They made computer components. Microsoft only sold 15 million phones in the first quarter of the year 2016. They still have the brand till 2024.

Well, it has also been rumored that Microsoft is going to lay off their 50% Microsoft Mobile staff. VTech reports that Microsoft is going to fold their Lumia smartphone business. Company had already 18,000 losses since it was sold to Microsoft back in 2014.

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Will Microsoft compete with Apple and Samsung if it goes on? Well, time will tell. Let’s see what happens. Do note that this is a rumor, so you should take it with some salt.

Source: VTech

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