Motorola’s new G4 Plus trumps iPhone 6s camera, according to DXOMark

Well this is big news for many, but DXOMark, a very well known, camera comparison site took the Moto G4 Plus on a test drive to see how well a £199 ($280 USD) phone compares to the bigger competition. They seemed very impressed by  the camera on the G4 Plus. Here’s a rundown of the specs

G4 Plus Specs

Here we can see that the Motorola G4 Plus has been placed on the 9th Position competing the many other high end phones.

DXOMark G4 Plus

They also showed a lot of the tests they conducted in several situations. In most cases the camera was flawless and stood up to almost any flagship you could name of, which is really a bold move by Motorola bringing such a camera to this price point.

Source: DXOMark
Source: DXOMark

If you want to have a full look at the tests and more information on the G4 Plus camera. Head over to DXOMark here!.

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Source: BGR

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