MSI Officially Releases the Vortex G65 & GT72 Tobii in Malaysia!

Wow today was a great day for gamers. MSI invited us to have a look at their Vortex G65 and GT72 Tobii which is the first laptop to have eye tracking. Amazingly enough, being my first time looking at the MSI Vortex G65, I was shocked how small it is. Yeah sure many people have seen it before, but I sure under-estimated the size of it. To see it in person running 6 displays at once was another eye catching feature to me. Sure I ain’t the kid with millions in the bank but I was impressed how far manufacturers go to set themselves apart, especially in the PC hardware market. Truly in my opinion manufacturers like Asus and MSI are doing everything to push to the highest. MSI still claims them as No.1 in Gaming in which my opinion I don’t doubt at all, but Asus’s GX700 is no blunder either. Well they did try to roast Aliens and Predators at their event, well that fanboysim should stay there.

MSI Officially Releases the Vortex G65 & GT72 Tobii in Malaysia! 1

Source http://techgage.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/MSI-GT72-Tobii-Laptop-Open-Keyboard-And-Eye-Tracker.jpg
Source: TechGage! Sorry we didn’t get a picture of the Tobii GT72 personally!

Next up, the also had the GT72 Tobii which in my opinion was nonetheless the star of the show. They had a demo in which they showed how the Eye-Tracking works. According to them, currently there are 15 games that support this feature, such as The Division, Assassins Creed and more. They also hope that they’ll get more games to support this feature in games in the future but as of now, they already have a great list of games, not to mention all the Ubisoft praising MSI did at the event! Anyways, for the specs of the GT72 Tobii.

MSI Officially Releases the Vortex G65 & GT72 Tobii in Malaysia! 2
This is a heck of a beast laptop!

As of what they showed us at the demo, the GT72 uses three cameras to track your eyes and head movement. Though at first glance I was confused about the implementation about this feature, but they showed us that by looking to the right, left or wherever you will also look in that direction, a bit like VR. Moreover, this doesn’t mean that you are done with your peripherals, you still may need them unless you’re a GAMING GOD! Anyways, I would call it impressive!

Here's a picture I took to show how it scales in real life with monitors!
Here’s a picture I took to show how it scales in real life with monitors!

Back to the Vortex G65, its truly a marvel. As they say “someone’s screw was loose at MSI”, this was the case here. At first impressions(being a triple fan R9 390 user), how the “Eff” did they cram all that in there? To be honest with you guys you can build a cheaper machine with the same specs, but you couldn’t build a machine with this size. Just to revise the specs, the MSI Vortex G65 comes with Intel’s Core i7 6700k paired with Dual GTX 980s in SLI! As of the RAM and Storage, we are looking at 16GB of DDR4 RAM, a 256GB M.2 PCIe SSD paired with a 1TB HDD.

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Lastly, the pricing for Malaysia have been confirmed. The GT72 Tobii will set you back RM12,999 while the MSI Vortex G65 starts from RM11,999 for the GTX 960 SLI configuration or RM18,999 for the Dual GTX 980 configuration. MSI also mentioned that those who pre-order the GT72 Tobii now will get a $50 Steam Gift Card which you could redeem on Steam (obviously).

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