NVIDIA ANSEL – The in-game “Instagram” ?

NVIDIA ANSEL - The in-game "Instagram" ? 3

NVIDIA yesterday revealed their new series of GPUs, which is called Pascal. After revealing the GTX 1070 and the GTX 1080 graphics cards, NVIDIA also revealed their new technology, called ANSEL. The ANSEL technology is basically an in-game camera function, that you can use to freeze your game at any moment and capture photos. Just like the Rockstar Editor in Grand Theft Auto V.

The NVIDIA ANSEL doesn’t only give you that, but it also comes with some more spices. You can capture photos by just one press of the Print Screen button. In ANSEL, you also get Photoshop filters to beautify your photos and you can capture 360° Stereo 3D stills.

ANSEL will come bundled with NVIDIA’s GeForce drivers, but it is also game-specific. Which means that game has to support it in order for it to work. If this is the catch, then you can’t capture ANSEL photos in games that are released, as they don’t support it. So, ANSEL is for upcoming games that ‘support it’ only.

So yeah, that’s all we know about ANSEL now. More details about it will be out soon.

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