Sony PlayStation 4K Neo’s Release Date Accidentally Leaked by Distributor

Sony PlayStation 4K Neo’s Release Date Accidentally Leaked by Distributor

Sony PlayStation 4K Neo's Release Date Accidentally Leaked by Distributor 1

We’ve talked about the new 4K PlayStation that’s in the works. The new console from Sony has caused quite some hype but aside from some leaks, there is no confirmation on when will the console release.

Today, website Video Gamer shared some info from a press release from the consumer technology distributor Innelec Multimedia in which some confidential information about the PlayStation 4 has accidentally leaked.

According to the info, the PlayStation Neo (this is what the new PS4 is called by insiders at Sony) will release for consumers somewhere in April and September this year.

This information could indeed be true, as the possible release time of the new console is somewhere around 4.5 months from now. April can be ruled out, as it has already past. Excluding April, we got May, June, July, August and September to look at for the release of the PlayStation Neo.

This seems appropriate, as Sony could release the PlayStation Neo before the release of the PlayStation VR. The company has already revealed that its going to release the PlayStation VR in October 2016.

However, the the press release distribution company Innelec Multimedia has gone counteroffensive by saying:

Innelec denies any official information about the launch of the PS4K Neo. It is possible that during 2016/2017 fiscal developments exist on the current PS4 [but] for the moment we have no information about the nature of them.”

This could be a cover-up the company is trying to do after accidentally leaking information about the PS4 Neo.

So yeah, this is also one of many rumors about the release date of the PS4 Neo. You’re looking at the release of the console somewhere after June. Sony could possibly reveal more information about the new PlayStation at E3 2016. Possibilities are endless, whatever happens, time will tell. So just sit back and wait.


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