Sony Xperia X and X Performance Have Only 20GB Usable Memory Out of 32GB

Well, we all know that manufacturers always play with the numbers. Like, if a phone is advertised to have 32 Gigabytes of memory, that’s not the actual memory the user is going to get. Some of the memory will be reserved for the system so the actual usable memory the user gets is a lot less than the memory advertised.

A petition was also signed to get rid of this problem, but nothing has been done.

The same case is here with the Sony’s upcoming flagship Xperia X and Xperia X Performance phones. But the situation is pretty bad here, as in the 32GB variant, the user is going to get only 20GB usable memory. That’s almost 12GB reserved for the system!

Our guess is that the Sony Xperia X and X Performance are going to contain a lot of bloatware, as just the Android system doesn’t take 12GB space.

The Sony Xperia X and X Performance were announced back in February, they will go on sale soon.

Afrasiyab Khan

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