The Fall of Nokia Domination in Mobile World

The Fall of Nokia Domination in Mobile World

The Fall of Nokia Domination in Mobile World 3

Nokia started the dominant mobile business before Samsung and Apple were the big telecommunication industries in history. If we compare the stats of Nokia sales with Samsung sales in 2012, Nokia had sales of 83 million handsets in 2012 whereas Samsung has 92 million. There are a number of reasons where Nokia made mistakes after mistakes and decline of 14 year dominant telecommunication industry started.

Nokia Phones’ OS Was Too Slow:

Nokia introduced its Symbian 60 OS in 2002 which had made little bit marketing but after 5 years Apple introduced the iOS with touch smartphones which totally changed the way we use smartphones. Nokia was a bit slow to compete with iPhone to satisfy its consumers. Symbian mobiles were slower than Apple iOS devices. With new OS in the market, Android was the last nail stabbed into the coffin of Symbian OS.

People’s demands changed tremendously fast to pocket mini-computers than smartphones with only WAP browsers. Nokia should’ve responded quicker but it took them four years to change their OS to Windows. On the other hand, Samsung took less time to move into the smartphone market and snatched the lead from Nokia.

Android OS Paid Off For Samsung:

Samsung chose Android OS to be the main operating system of its devices which worked very well. It had been too late for Nokia to get the flagship of Lumia Windows Phones as company spent time working on old Symbian OS. In this time Samsung already took the lead in marketing.

Nokia Gone Far Behind:

Nokia fell much behind and even mediocre companies like Huawei, HTC and ZTE Chinese Manufacturers were coming for Nokia fast. These fast-growing mobile industries were a big threat to Nokia.

Execution is The Key:

With every passing year, Samsung shines brighter in the marketing industry than Nokia. Samsung made a game plan by introducing the Galaxy S series. Each year Samsung introduced its new Galaxy S series smartphones. They knew how to progress in smartphone industry and their game worked. Even Samsung introduced its low range smartphones for consumers who can’t afford more than $200 smartphones. Nokia made ownership with Microsoft to build Windows Phone which will take years to compete with Android. But that doesn’t mean Windows Phones will not be successful. The Company faced hard times trying to lower its expenditures.

Nokia As Brand Was Over:

In 2014, Microsoft bought Nokia devices and its services in $7.2 billion. Nokia was no more a brand name. Windows Phones now a days have Microsoft as their brand name.

So yeah, that’s how Nokia failed as a company. Recently, reports have been emerging that Microsoft is planning to sell its smartphone division to Foxconn too. If that’s true, then that just leaves Android and iOS behind. Windows Phone will be gone unless Foxconn does something that sparks the interest of the consumers.

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