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5 Most Terrible Smartphones Ever Made

5 Most Terrible Smartphones Ever Made

Rise of the smartphones has been started since there was need of basic computing on a small screen and also an option of phone calling, messaging and music. Samsung Galaxy and Note series, Apple’s iPhone series had always been on the top of world in smartphone market. However, you can see such developers who don’t even think what they are making and end up making something worse enough to cost a lot to the company. So without further chit chat, let’s start the list:

1.  HTC Chacha:


During 2011, HTC was the company that was a match for Apple and Samsung. People thought about them to be the third best smartphone company. And then they thought about building the first Facebook centric Android phone which had a special button on the right bottom of the button known as the Facebook button. The HTC Chacha had an ugly design which got flopped internationally.

2. The Microsoft Kin One:


After seeing Microsoft Kin One, you will be surprised that even the mighty grossing company was so fool to build such a crap phone. Kin One was made for teenagers and it was supposed to be used for social networking and messaging. They even included a smiley face key buttons. But judging by its looks, someone can say that is it a smartphone or what? Microsoft’s own people admitted that the phone was a total disaster. Microsoft tried pushing its Kin One on consumers but the crappy phone didn’t make it and got discontinued by Microsoft after two months before it was on sale.

3. The Amazon Fire Phone:


Amazon had success with its Kindle Fire tablet business which made an idea for company to build their first smartphone. Well unfortunately, their first Fire phone didn’t catch up to the expectations of consumers. And its attractive features were totally pathetic. Amazon Fire phone was priced at $199 on contract and it was available on AT&T. It was a flopped device that costed the company a lot of money.

4. The Blackberry Storm:


Blackberry Storm was a worst smartphone. At start, Blackberry Storm initially started to get sales only possible by the money power of Blackberry brand and major marketing push by Verizon who were eager to counter the hype created by iPhone on AT&T at that time. During the month of May 2008, almost all of the Storm were complained to be replaced. Such a big disaster cost Blackberry $500 million loss which was demanded by Verizon for having loss in marketing sales.

5. The HTC First:


HTC didn’t learned the lesson from their first Facebook-centric Android trash and built another Facebook-centric Android smartphone called The HTC First. Particular use of this device is to showcase Facebook for Facebook social networking. Facebook Home Relay button was on the home screen which wasn’t liked by the most of the Android users. HTC First had only 15,000 sales on first month which was later discontinued by AT&T immediately.



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