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5 Video Game Movies You Must Watch

5 Video Game Movies You Must Watch

Video game movie making has become a challenge for the movie directors and producers. Most difficulty is choosing the right actors and actresses to match with the character of games. Another difficulty is source material to compel with the game story. Few of the movies satisfied gaming fans and majority of the movies weren’t up to the mark.

1.  Gyakuten Saiben (Ace Attorney):

Ace Attorney_DVD.indd

Capcom’s Ace Attorney franchise wasn’t the most successful financially and popular series that was ever made. But the dedications of directors and producers in smart writing, great sense of humor and combat based court gaming made it possible to make a successful movie. Japanese film-makers realized that its no way to bring Phoenix Wright defense lawyer as in video game to real life and make it serious. Characters and costume designs were perfectly taken from the game series which made the movie successful.

2. Resident Evil:


Resident Evil movie series franchise is said to be more successful gaming movie series ever made. Special effects and fighting skills used in the movie made it the best. Resident Evil movies made significant audience in recent years which is the reason that made it one of the most successful movie series.

3. Mortal Kombat:


Most nasty, bloody action non stop throughout Mortal Kombat has made significant business in industry. Mortal Kombat in 1995 made the idea alive that there is big money in gaming movie adaptation. Fight scenes were not awesome but special effects were pretty good at that time. This movie made good success than other gaming movies like Jean Cluade Van Dam movie Street Fighter, Taken, Street Fighter II in which there was no Jean Cluade Van Dam.

2. Lara Croft-Tomb Raider:


Lara Croft was one of the character of the game that suited the most to Angelina Jolie. She was the most efficient character influence in the movie. She was perfect for the character and utterly nailed it. The movie was a commercial success surpassing Aliens to become highest grossing action movie with a woman in lead role.

1. Silent Hill:


Silent Hill games were not the best. Unfortunately, there is no new upcoming silent hill game but at least the fans should appreciate the movie which was the best film adaptation to date. Silent Hill movie had some issues with long story and some pacing issues but it still it got original game story into the movie which attracted wide range of audience.




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