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Armaggeddon Xonatron T13 Review: A gorgeous case you’ve been looking for!


  1. Introduction & Unboxing
  2. Design & Building Experience
  3. Competition & Conclusion

03| Competition & Conclusion

Well I would say competition in the around the RM299 is pretty tough. Armaggeddon sure has seperated themselves from the rest of the competition with the full Window side panel of which I couldn’t find any other case that offers this. Still, the competition is very tough around here. This is the price point which I would call the sweet spot for the perfect case. For under RM299 here’s the competition:

NZXT Phantom 240/S340 -Full ATX


The NZXT Phantom 240/S340 are major competitors in this race if you don’t mind going Full ATX. They fall around the same price tag and are huge preference to most PC DIY enthusiasts

Aerocool DS CUBE


The Aerocool DS Cube is a very appealing case to many. It features many colors and a seperate window to show off all that GPU glory! It retails for RM280 in Malaysia which is a cheesy buy with huge variety of options. This may be a huge competitior to the T13

Fractal Design Nano S


The Fractal Design Nano S is no stranger in the PC DIY World. Its a M-ATX case which is huge on features. You could stuff it in with all the hardware you want and still watercool your system. Not to mention, the Define Nano S has a decently large Window



PC Hardware enthusiats aren’t always counting the cash in their wallet, some people like the good balance between quality and pricing. Armageddon in this case has done all it takes to make this case premium and I think they finally took a step in the right direction. The Xonatron T13 has a lot of issues and I don’t want to favour it at all! Though, I do appreciate that Armageddon finally took a step forward in trying to achieve premium looks. Though  I would like Armageddon to look seriously on the issues. For the SRP of RM299, I think the case is worth it if you are looking for aesthetics and don’t mind the sacrifices. Anyways not a bad case, but there’s huge competition. I think Armaggeddon could differentiate themselves by lowering the price of the T13, even though it seems reasonable.

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