Huawei Going To Launch New Nexus Phone

Huawei Going To Launch New Nexus Phone


Previous models of Google Nexus developed by Huawei, a Chinese Company were impressive in 2015.  Both models had amazing specs and was compared with the top smartphone companies such as Apple and Samsung. Huawei had made remarkable ratings through its Nexus models. Company is aiming to be number 1 in the World in smartphone industry.

According to reports, it is rumored that Google would be partnering with HTC for its next two Nexus branded phones. Huawei Executive General Manager Charlene Munilall confirmed that they are planning to make another Nexus branded phone but there is no official announcement by Google. In fact, Google is likely to add more features in its Nexus brand for third party device makers.

According to Wall Street Journal, Huawei is eyeing on market share which is currently held by Apple and Samsung. Huawei’s CEO Richard Yu is confident that their company can become number one in next five year period. Apple and Samsung had market share of global shipment 23.2% and 14.8% respectively studied by Gartner. While Huawei has about 8.2% of global smartphones shipment.


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