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Akyumen Holofone – A Smartphone with Built-in Projector

Akyumen is a Chinese smartphone company that has launched their new smartphone called “Holofone” that has a built-in projector. Most of us do not know much about the company but with this is a great product and it should help them get some audience. The Akyumen Holofone is a tablet from Akyumen which features a built-in projector that projects a 100-inch screen.

Akyumen Holofone Specifications:

The Akyumen Holofone comes with 4 Gigabytes of RAM and it is powered by an Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 Quad-core processor clocked at 1.44GHz (1.84GHz Boost). It has a 128GB internal memory which is expandable through a MicroSD card. One of the eye-catching features of the Akyumen Holofone is that it runs both Windows 10 and Android operating systems in a dual-boot configuration. It runs a full 64-bit version of Windows 10 and Android 5.1 Lollipop. It also has a decent 7-inch 1080p screen with a built-in 35-lumen projector.

Talking about the cameras, the Holofone features a reasonable 13MP rear camera along with a 5MP front camera. The phone is quite big, so taking advantage of the size, the phone has a big 2910mAh battery which is big enough to provide a decent battery life.

Aasim Saied, the founder and CEO of Akyumen says:

“Akyumen is a firm believer in promoting education and will subsidize the price of its devices for educational use to help solve the lack of common educational hurdles of funding and access to affordable quality technology.”

Akyumen Holofone

The Akyumen Holofone is quite bulky from the upper-back side as this is where the projector is located. This is not okay for some people but still, Akyumen have tried something new in the smartphone market with the built-in projectors. The projector seems pretty decent and on the 100-inch projector screen, watching videos and movies is going to be a great experience.

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The Akyumen Holofone will be available on pre-orders on September 1, 2016. The phone only costs $750. But if you buy it with the bundle that includes additional accessories like a game controller, Bluetooth speaker and a stand for the battery, you need to shell-out $950.






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