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AMD’s new GPU is ready for 8k/96FPS, has a 1TB SSD on-board

Just when Nvidia announced their monstrosity, the Titan X, AMD went full out and announced their Radeon Pro SSG which comes with 1TB M.2 SSD.

The new AMD Radeon Pro SSG isn’t a consumer GPU at all, the GPU is meant for professional workloads and VR. In professional environments, even 32GB of VRAM is exhausted when it comes to certain tasks. However, talking about monstrosity, the new Radeon Pro SSG is able to trump 8k, at 96 FPS.

Raja Koduri had some words to say about their new GPU

There are many possibilities with SSDs on GPUs — they can be used as cache, primary storage, or secure storage — and AMD is working with partners to discover different uses.

Movie makers, in particular, have been excited about graphics cards with integrated SSDs.

Image Credit: TomsHardware
Image Credit: TomsHardware

Raja Koduri also explained how well the Radeon Pro SSG could be an essential part in the rendering workflow and could bring a change in the Hollywood.

AMD also explained of how the card is essential for many applications creating the urge for businesses who need to crunch large amounts of data and rendering.

Without the memory architecture in Radeon™ Pro SSG, there is simply too much latency for acceptable performance from many applications that call on very large amounts of data. That latency arises when slices of data are processed individually and later merged, and when data is fetched from a disk drive or from a cloud service. However with Radeon Pro SSG, the data is held in a one terabyte frame buffer dedicated to the GPU, eliminating virtually all latency.

With this 1TB SSD onboard, AMD claims the that GPU will also be able to be used as a normal storage device. This will also allow a lower latency and a higher amount of data to be fed to the GPU efficiently. This new GPU will also allow a smooth VR experience with more than enough horsepower to run multiple screens.

With Nvidia’s CUDA technology being one of the major competitors to AMD, it seems like AMD is really serious about pulling the slice away from Nvidia’s hands right now. And as time passes by, we’d be expecting such technology coming to the normal consumer market in more than a few years. According to these sources, the new development kit should be available for $9,999 before the final product ships.


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