Blizzard Job Listing Imparts New “Diablo” Game

Blizzard Job Listing Imparts New “Diablo” Game

Blizzard, the creator of many big and successful games has revealed a new Diablo project through its job listing. When Diablo III was released, the game was a major hit. Diablo III is still being played today. Well, the one of the very first news about the sequel of Diablo III is here.

According to Blizzard’s job listing, they are looking for a director for a Diablo project. This apparently means that they’re planning to make a Diablo game. Not much information about the game was in the job listing, but we do know that Blizzard is planning something. Here’s what the job listing said:

“Blizzard Entertainment is seeking a game director with outstanding communications skills, proven experience in creative direction, strongability in system design, and a stellar track record of shipping AAA games to lead theDiablo series into the future.”

It seems that Blizzard is hiring a new director for the Diablo project to replace the previous director of Diablo III, Jay Wilson, who retired when Diablo III was released. However, Diablo fans shouldn’t get so excited yet. They’re hiring a director, who will lead the game’s making. So its likely that Blizzard hasn’t started making the game yet. There is a chance that we may see Diablo IV in 2017, but it is unlikely, as Blizzard is a game studio that doesn’t rush their titles.

Diablo IV hasn’t been officially confirmed by Blizzard. But through their job listing, we know that they haven’t given up on the Diablo series yet. If Diablo IV isn’t released at Blizzcon next year, then the game will probably come in 2018. Blizzard may roll out some information about the new Diablo project after they’ve found a responsible game director. Well, time will tell. Till then, sit back and play Overwatch or something.. For more gaming news like this, stay tuned to GeeksULTD.


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