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Gears of War 4 PC Version Features Unlocked Framerate, Supersampling and Much More

Gears of War 4 will be coming on both PC and Xbox One as part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program. The developers of Gears of War 4 promised to deliver the best experience on PC too. Yesterday, The Coalition talked about how Gears of War 4 PC version will take advantage of better hardware on PC.

Gears of War 4 PC Version Features Unlocked Framerate, Supersampling and Much More

The technical director of Gears of War 4, Mike Rayner, said in an interview with Eurogamer that Gears of War 4 will be fully optimized for PC so gamers can expect good performance from day one.

These are the features that are confirmed by The Coalition that’ll be in Gears of War 4 PC version:

High-Resolution Textures:

Mike Rayner said that the Gears of War 4 PC version will have high-resolution textures which go upto 4K on “select texture groups”.

Dynamic Resolution Support:

Gears of War 4 on PC will have support for dynamic resolutions including 21:9 ultra-wide resolutions.

Unlocked Framerate:

Gears of War 4 will be supporting UWP that will allow the developers to give the game “proper unlocked framerate”.

Benchmarking Mode:

The game will also feature a benchmarking mode that will give an idea of how the computer is performing in the game.

Controls Remapping:

Gears of War 4 on PC will also support controls remapping that’ll allow players to do things like splitting up the button for running and taking cover into two buttons. On Xbox One, both actions are done by the A button.

Super-sampling and Dynamic Scaling Support:

Mike Rayner said:

“We will support super-sampling and have come up with a neat system using the dynamic scaling created for Xbox, You can super-sample, let’s say up to 4K, and then enable dynamic scaling and set the maximum amount of scaling you want to allow so you can maintain a very crisp image with scaling kicking in where needed and only to the amount you consider acceptable.”

In addition to these features, Gears of War 4 PC Version will also have more graphics settings (currently about 28 different settings) and more settings will be added with the passage of time.

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Gears of War 4 will release on October 11, 2016 on PC and Xbox One.

Via: GameSpot


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