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Get Tomb Raider 2013 free when you Pre-order Rise of The Tomb Raider on the PS4

Rise of The Tomb Raider was delayed last year when Microsft decided to make it a temporary exclusive for Xbox One gamers. After a long wait, the devs are rewarding the PlayStation 4 gamers who are pre-ordering Rise of The Tomb Raider from the Playstation Store with a copy of Tomb Raider 2013: Definitive Edition.


Additionally, gamers who pre-ordered will get the new Zombie mode called “Blood Ties” with PSVR support , a co-op mode called “Endurance”and all previously released DLCs, Skins and more to compensate for the 11 month wait with the 20 Year Celebration Edition.

Rise of The Tomb Raider is available on the PC, Xbox One and yet to release on the Playstation 4. The official release date set for the PS4 is 11 October 2016. Be sure to pre-order the game from the Playstation Store for $59.99 to enjoy all the freebies included and spawn back into action!


Usman Abdul Jabbar

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