Google Maps on iOS: The New Multi-Destination Update

Google has recently made an update to their “Google Maps” for Andriod a month ago. Well, the update is likable for most of the people who travel a lot. This new feature allows users to enter multiple destinations in their route. You can add as many stops to your route in Google Maps as you want. This makes it easy for you to reach your final destination the way you want. Google Maps will also show you the time span you spent during the stop and it will automatically show you the ETA to your next destination. It will make a route with your desired stops. For example, if you stop to pick your friend for a drive then the time you spent will be automatically added to the ETA for the final route.

Google Maps on iOS: The New Multi-Destination Update

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Google maps

Google has updated their Google Maps app for iOS users. Stops can be entered alphabetically like first stop will show as capital A on the map. This is a great feature for people who travel large distances frequently and they’ve to stop at multiple locations during their journey.

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Google is already supporting apps like Waze for real-time GPS mapping which is available on all platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows. Waze is an excellent app when you need to find a quick and  less time-consuming route to your destination. It provides real-time voice speech that gives directions and it also gives traffic & camera alerts.

This is indeed a great feature and we hope that Google keeps updating their applications with innovative features like these. This multi-destination update is going to make things easy for a lot of people.


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