Here’s How Hackers are Hacking Popular YouTube Channels

Here’s How Hackers are Hacking Popular YouTube Channels

How Hackers are Hacking Popular YouTube Channels

Recently, there have been many hacking cases. Popular YouTube channels such as LinusTechTips, Boggie, and more got hacked by these cyber criminals. These hackers are able to hack into your personal details and even YouTube and Gmail accounts. With this possible, the privacy of people are at a risk.

A website called Information is Beautiful indexes data breaches and hacks around the world. In 2016, the numbers of data breaches around the world are alarmingly high. US health-insurance website Anthem had 80,000,000 data breaches along with social network MySpace with 164,000,000 data breaches. All these breaches exposed confidential information of people such as their IDs, voting database, e-mail addresses, employment information and even their addresses.

Yesterday, someone attempted to hack YouTube channel h3h3Productions. According to Ethan Klein, the owner of h3h3, the hacker who targeted them got his T-Mobile SIM card. The hackers got the SIM card from T-Mobile itself by calling them pretending to be a T-Mobile employee. The hackers successfully got Klein’s SIM card and after that they had access to all his private data such as contacts, address and messages. Using his SIM card, they can even bypass the 2-step verification on Gmail and easily access Klein’s YouTube channel.

“We were five minutes away from having them access to our YouTube channel.”
– Ethan Klein.

Klein countered the hacking attempt because he knew how these type of hacks take place through his friend. After some time, Klein’s SIM card got disabled and the hackers had access basically most of his confidential information. Eventually, he called T-Mobile and talked to their representative and finally got his SIM back.

After this event, Klein recommends to buy a USB pass key to protect your precious data from these type of hackers.

In his video, Ethan Klein says that he is considering to sue T-Mobile for giving away his SIM card to a criminal.

“The only language these companies understand is money. Money talks and if they don’t lose money, they have no reason to change their policy at all.”

So this is how hackers get access to highly-secure confidential data online. It wasn’t Gmail, it wasn’t YouTube, it was his own carrier company.

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