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Microsoft repsonds to the leaked consoles in Norway, talks about the missing 4k option

As many of you guys know, we at GeeksULTD found a few users who received their Xbox One S consoles in Norway a whole month earlier than its original release date. However, it’s not only him, there was one more user who also received his Xbox One S in Norway as well.

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Microsoft has taken this matter into their knowledge and stated some quotes about the early delivery of the Xbox One S consoles.

Microsoft had this statement regarding the issue

“A small number of 2TB Xbox One S consoles were prematurely delivered to fans in Norway via a retailer prior to the launch date,” a statement from an Xbox representative reads. “The first Xbox One S consoles available will be the 2TB launch edition on August 2, which upon start-up, will begin downloading the latest Xbox system update that also enables 4K functionality.(via)

Microsoft has made it clear that the console will require an update to get the 4k functionality up and running. Nice try Microsoft! But running a gears back, even if no one received the console early and this dilemma hadn’t been started, why should the user be required update the software, doesn’t it come pre-installed when the console is first released, well we could be wrong, but it’s sad to see someone popping a disc to watch 4k content on their Xbox and be forced to download and install a large 4.5GB update. That’s saddening especially if users don’t have access to the internet.


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