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Here are Microsoft’s Phil Spencer’s Strange Statements on Xbox Scorpio and VR

Microsoft announced the Xbox “Project Scorpio” at E3 2016. According to Microsoft, Xbox Scorpio will be the most powerful console ever made when it releases in 2017.

Xbox Scorpio

At E3, Microsoft also claimed that the Xbox Scorpio will deliver “high-fidelity VR” experience. But in a recent interview, Phil Spencer said some mixed statements about the Xbox Scorpio and its VR performance.

The Guardian asked Phil Spencer, “So was VR support a key part of the Scorpio vision?”. He said:

“I think the capability in the consoles that are on the market today to play high-fidelity true console-like experiences in VR… they’re just not powerful enough.”

This statement from Phil Spencer makes the Project Scorpio’s VR capability more foggy. Spencer further said:

“I will say, we’re very focused on console games and what console gamers want, and I see VR as something different.”

Phil Spencer sees VR as “something different” makes Microsoft’s commitment to VR lack rigidity. What the Project Scorpio has to VR fans is still a mystery. Only time will tell. The Xbox Scorpio will release next year.


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