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Gallery of The Sickest Xbox One Console Mod you’ve ever seen

Modding a console? Meh, that’s impossible said fanboys for years. It was a long time tradition for console gamers to use skins on their consoles. Well, that has changed, today we have Laine’s custom work in which he totally blew our minds. He literally changed the Xbox’s look from the inner out. We were super confused if it was a PC or an Xbox One. In a comment, Laine confirmed it’s indeed an Xbox One. Now we have that confusion aside.

Here’s his work in full action

It’s excellent to see how much work and effort he put into his work. He continuously teased his build on Facebook about how hard he’s been working on this. Definitely, show some love to the modder by liking his Facebook page as well.

If you’ve looked closely you could see how much and attention was given to this build. The DVD-ROM tray literally lifts up allowing you to access the DVD drive. For more images or even to follow him, definitely, visit his facebook page and check his other PC Builds for some eye candy goodness. Moreover, he even has a Tumblr page dedicated to his work you could also check that out here.


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