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Sony may have a few tricks up its sleeve to fight back Microsoft’s strategies

Sony is a company in the gaming industry who have a strong foothold in the gaming industry. Sony has been very popular in the gaming market for their PlayStation series of consoles. As we all know Sony has been working on their new console, codenamed Neo. The new console is touted to bring upgraded hardware and improvements to the new console. Meanwhile among Sony’s rivals is Microsoft who are really trying to unify and take advantage of their ecosystem with their Xbox and Windows 10 PCs.

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If you wanna go into more detail how and why Microsoft is unifying the Windows 10 PC and Xbox check the link above. Anyways, back to earth. Sony’s new console is touted to run games at 4k. However, most people are expecting an upscale to 4k with this type of hardware. Here’s a complete analysis by Digital Foundry about the new PS4 Neo

The new PS4 Neo is believed to sport a CPU based on AMD’s Jaguar Architecture with Eight Cores clocked at 2.1GHz combined with a GPU with 36 unknown GCN Compute Units @ 911Mhz with 4.2 TFLOPS of computing power [VG24/7]. The new Playstation 4 Neo is also believed to continue with 8GB of GGDR5 RAM with a bandwidth of 218GB/s with allowing games to utilize a bit more RAM under the hood compared to the base Playstation 4.

Some more leaks include Sony joining the “Slim” campaign like the Xbox One S which I am not a fan of, to be honest, “all hopes to Scorpio/Neo”. To be honest being a PC gamer and being interested in getting a console for myself is just making it much more confusing for me to decide what to get. Well yeah, we do have a few ideas of why Microsoft brought up the new Xbox One S with its slim form factor, but we didn’t expect Sony to join the bandwagon.

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Sony might seem backing off, but they’re still in the game!


According to The Wall Street Journal, Sony believes that their Playstation division has the potential to drive up to half a trillion yen more by March 2018. Just as Nintendo and Sony did, Sony seems to not to discuss a lot about the new Playstation 4 Neo just as how they took a back step at E3 2016 not revealing many details, except informing that Neo is in the works. This might be Sony changing some strategies to overcome their rival, Microsoft as Microsoft revealed a lot of their plans very clearly a while ago.

Sony also recently reportedly said that they aren’t falling for the “upgrade hardware” game as in PCs or Mobile. Andrew House, President of Sony Interactive Entertainment quoted:

This is the first time for Sony to offer an upgrade in the middle of the life-cycle of a console.

Andrew House then explains

In the mobile business users are used to upgrade their hardware every one or two years, but that’s not the case in the console business, where the cycle is at least five or six years. Yet, there’s potential, and that’s why the latest and greatest technology will be introduced in the middle of the life cycle. [Dual Shockers]

This means that Sony is aware that users don’t like frequent console upgrades and could potentially be among reasons why Sony is trying to work on one firm console assuring that it will run for the next 5 years.

The Exclusive Content


Playstation 4 has its own VR headset. the Playstation VR. At E3 2016, Sony was happy to announce many titles to get your blood grooving. Until now, Sony has made it clear that they aren’t  falling for the “Hardware Upgrade” game. It seems like Sony is taking a content approach at this, just like Nintendo has done. Sony might actually make PSVR the biggest point for the new PlayStation. There are some excellent upcoming PlayStation VR exclusive titles, some of them include Tekken 7, Gran Turismo Sport, Batman VR, Final Fantasy XIV and many more super exciting titles. Now we know that Xbox hasn’t given any details on their VR headset, this seems like the Xbox One will rely on the Oculus or even the Vive from HTC. Let’s see where this goes.

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