The 2TB Xbox One S has been unboxed in Norway, can’t run 4k out of the box, needs an update

According to Microsoft, the Xbox One was supposed to release on the 23rd of August 2016 in Europe. However, it seems like someone has already got their hands on the console in Norway where he unboxes his console on camera.

The console the video uploader has is the 2TB variant of the Xbox One which seems to have a small footprint which is exactly what Microsft has promised at E3 claiming the Xbox One S to be 40% smaller than the original Xbox One. The video uploader, by the name of Krister Kallekleiv, has shown off all you get in the box and a visual tour of all around the console itself, nothing mind-blowing but that that was pretty much expected.

However, it seems like the Xbox One S may not be able to run 4k content out of the box as @Kubo76 mentioned in his tweet who also is found to be a lucky owner of an Xbox One S

Talking to the owner of the Xbox One S,  he told us

“There was no option for 4K. We had to do about a 4.5 gig update when it first powered on. We checked the display settings and it said 1080p. We changed HDMI cables and changed HDMI ports on the tv and nothing fixed the issue. Still won’t do 4K.”

“Maybe a “Day-One” update on August 2nd when it’s supposed to come out.”

Additionally, he even tried 4k BluRay discs. Well, he is disappointed, he says:

Bought a 4K DVD of Deadpool and tried to play it and got an error code 0x91d70001. The Xbox One S won’t play the 4K movie. Microsoft is dropping the ball on this one.

It’ll be exciting to see how the Xbox One S runs games at HDR and run 4k content. This’ll just make the Xbox One S more living room friendly. It’s an exciting future! Now that we’ve seen this, now all eyes towards Scorpio

  1. The money spent on this new model, I’d rather put it towards a Scorpio or Neo, although I bet there’s quite a big price gap between the current consoles and these new 4K consoles. On top of that, it’s then shelling out for a 4K TV. Still, the Xbox One S is a waste of money.

  2. hes complaining about buying a 4k blu ray and it wont play it shit ,…you got a console that releases in 20 days … how about wait the 20 days then try it.

    every tech device nowadays needs an update out the box … every console is basically online half the day…. common sense guys/

    • lol its social media , there always has to be something to bitch about …

      if the console didnt run blu ray or 4k after its release date , sure go ahead and complain and call customer service etc , … but nowadays everything needs an update.

    • No, it is an xb1 issue accross the board.. the console does nothing without initializing online and patching. That the 4k ready box isn’t 4k ready is ineed an issue.

    • i understand but most things are not ready out the box anymore , my gf bought a blu ray player went to play bourne identity and it needed an update lol …

      i dont see it as a huge deal ,nowadays were online 24/7 being offline would be strange is this day in age.

    • Er… like 15% of Americans don’t have any internet… of those that do it is still not very good nor consistent because we don’t have a standardized national infrastructure for it.

      An example ofnsomething that is ready out of the box=ps4. The competition can play games, watch movies, use the usb drive.. and, if you really wanted that update you could install it via disc (which you can request in the mail) or usb device (good for if you can get to a place/somebody who can dl the patch for you).

      Here’s a scenario I am intimately familiar with: just got back from a convoy, cleaned my weapon, got time for some R&R in my hooch here deployed over seas. I open up the care package I got today and find a game console. Yay, so happy, and the guys will all enjoy being able to play it slso. (Now.. if it is an xb1, thwn there will be no playing… we will be sad, and have to find a place to keep it or ship it back (hard to do). If it is a ps4 or wiiu, or laptop then it is game on.)

      This is another reason sony consoles go to a global market while msft products seem to target mainly the US…. one is multi vultage and does not need internet, ONE is not and must have internet.

    • my ps4 constantly updates and outta the box certain blu rays would not play without getting an update …..if you are in that 15% of people with no internet i feel bad for you but maybe video games which are marjorily multiplayer aint for you. in my mid 20’s i lived in costa rica in an area with zero internet i played zero video games as a result.

      sidenote after initial console updates both ps4 and xbox one will play games offline minus the mulitplayer feature…the same games actually…. the xbox one console isnt an always online console.

      but certain blu ray movies need updates to play on both.

    • Nobody is saying they are always online…. what I said is that only the xbox, including its new model, is completely useless out of the box without internet (and it is), while all others can at least play games.

      Even after 40 years of gaming without internet, there are plenty of offline titles, and offline/poor internet quality users.

  3. Sigh…. thought msft would have finally done something right by including post launch firmware builds on their newer xb1 revision…

    Guess not.

    Just an fyi, without initializing online first the xb1 is just a brick… no media, no hdd support, you cant even use a disc or usb to install such a patch.. it must connect to xbl to initialize…period, otherwise all you have is an expensive booster seat.


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