Youtuber, Total Biscuit, Fires Shots at the site who call PC Gaming “Way too Hard”, we respond

A few days ago VICE, also a popular publication site known for their documentaries published an article claiming that PC Gaming is hard. Vice has a few subdomain for the respective categories where their articles are published. Writer, Emanuel Maiberg, who wrote the article published the article with the title “PC Gaming is Still Way too Hard“. Before even Total Biscuit responded to this on Twitter I had read the article itself as it was shared quite a bit on social media. However, the writer of the article claims a few points of why he justifies PC Gaming as “Way too Hard” in these clear points. The article was published on

  • Step 1: Have an unreasonable amount of disposable income.
  • Step 2: Have an unreasonable amount of time to research, shop around, and assemble parts for your computer.
  • Step 3: Get used to the idea that this is something you’re going to have to keep investing time and money in as long as you want to stay at the cutting edge or recommended specifications range for new PC games.

Here’s Total’s Biscuit’s Tweet


We will break down each and every point made by the writer.

01|You have to have an unreasonable amount of disposable income

To be honest, being a PC Gamer, I really found that his points were taking the wrong direction. Sure, the cost of PC Building could reach quite a fortune, but it depends on how you take it into account. You could build a cheap Gaming PC and an expensive rig, this is the  makes PC Gaming so flexible. In PC Gaming, there’s literally a whole sea of PC Hardware and a considerably an infinite number of combinations to build your gaming PC.

You could get last-gen hardware that won’t burn a hole in your pocket and still get a good gaming experience out of it. Does that make the cost of PC Gaming unreasonable? No, it doesn’t.

02| You have to have an unreasonable amount of time to research, shop around, and assemble parts for your computer

Let’s break this down into two points

  • You have to have an unreasonable amount of time to research and shop around. This a point on which I partly agree on. As I previously mentioned, there’s a whole sea of PC hardware which could be overwhelming to a new PC Builder. But, fortunately, there are tools and forums out there with tons of support new PC Builder. One of the best examples of this is PCPartPicker, this is quite a handy tool as it allows you to choose compatible hardware and the cheapest prices in the PC DIY Online Market. Saved quite a hassle right? Or with the help of PCPartPicker, you could assemble a list of the parts you found on PC Partpicker and head into your local PC Hardware Store, simple, isn’t it?
  • You have to have an unreasonable amount of time to assemble your computer. I disagree with this point. PC Building doesn’t require a whole lot of time, building a PC is pretty straightforward with all connectors being connected with the correct wire only. Aiding the issue would be the tons of PC Building guides online to help you assembling your PC, almost every PC has the same blueprint. Don’t Have Much Time? Well, you have two options here, First, just install everything and get it working, that’s all. Second, just get a Pre-Built Custom System from your favourite PC Builder. How does this make PC Gaming hard? Wasn’t it about gaming on a PC? The points they made above were if you were you build a Gaming PC yourself. PC Builders build their own PCs so that it’s their own creation and hard work. PC Building also put in hours to give their PC a clean look by managing the cables in their PC efficiently. Building a PC yourself and putting all that work in feels rewarding.
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03|Get used to the idea that this is something you’re going to have to keep investing time and money in as long as you want to stay at the cutting edge or recommended specifications range for new PC games!

What? I have don’t quite agree with this point since PC building. Do you want to make the point that in the PC world you’re stuck in a loophole where you have to continuously have to upgrade your hardware? No, that isn’t necessary. First and foremost, keep in mind, consoles don’t run games at Ultra and High Presets in the first place. In PC Gaming, you have the options to scale your game to your hardware. If you want a higher resolution you will sacrifice on FPS. The graphics options are there to scale your hardware to the performance of the game. This makes PC Gaming so flexible. Second, it depends on which games you want to play, if you want to max out CS GO, even a cheap gaming PC will do, but if you want to run AAA games with all the graphics maxed out, you could do that as well with a reasonable amount of money, especially with last-gen powerful hardware, solely looking at a GPU for this example, take the new RX 480 that starts at $199, or even cheaper, the R9 270 or GTX 960. It really depends on your hunger for new stuff. Investing in a good GPU like the R9 290 even at this point will allow you to play games at high/ultra on most AAA titles at 1080p with good frame rates.

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The Truth & Conclusion

But sure, the writer, Emanuel sure does give credit to how much building PCs have gotten easier compared to the old days. And one point that I would add is yes, PC also does have its flaws, I won’t really call out PCs as the best Gaming systems but overall, that’s what I prefer. Even though if you get everything hooked up, turning on the PC for the first time is a very tense situation, for some users even furious since diagnosing a PC that wouldn’t boot is quite a frustrating problem. Well, that’s it for my rant about PC Gaming. Anyways, all opinions are my own, and thats how I take the points mentioned above into perspective. Should we do more responds? We are quite curious what things we should improve. Let us know in the comments below.

  1. Funny to hear totalbiscuit talking about building a PC, considering he has never actually done it himself. That aside, the Motherboard article was garbage.

  2. Total Biscuit is a fuc*ing dont think these youtubers and twitch streamers build their pc’s do you?the get them free from these pc companies.the hardest part about building a pc is the trouble shooting or if you get a bad part when you build it……thats the hard pat.

    Total Biscuit is an as* clown

    • i know but tb didnt.thats the side of pc gaming that no one talk about the crap that can and will happen and 80% of people who game on a pc buy prebuilt pc’s and have no clue how to fix them .

      its why i stick to console gaming and i only play wow on my pc.

    • They get their what? Dude, do you think any company as huge as it is, would sponsor with a 10.000$ rig a youtuber just like that? Yes youtubers like TotalBiscuit build their on rig with the newest specs and makes them as good as they can. It takes about that much money to build such a rig as they have. I mean big youtubers. It’s true that big gaming companies sponsor youtubers, but such a gaming rig isn’t just a thing they’d give away. So don’t go telling shit just because you find it resonable.And yes. A pc is pretty easy to build even as an amateur if you know what you’re doing. Total Biscuit was just at that right spot with his tweet. How could you call your site motherboard if you’re finding too hard to build a rig? Let’s be honest. Just go search the information you need and you’ll easly build any kind of pc.

    • you dont think he builds it do you?if it dies he just sends out for another one.pc building is as hard as you want it to be i have built my current basic pc.not water or over clocked just a stock pc a fx 6350 and a r9 380x i built it its not that hard and it runs games must be a tb fanboy.

      a child can build a pc its not that hard the hardest part that pc gamers NEVER tell you is trouble shooting and they never matter how good and expensive a pc is is has a ton of issues that pop up and 80% of people like tb have no clue how to fix it.

  3. Wow, this article has some rather terrible grammatical errors. Does no one proof-read anything anymore? This goes way beyond simple typos. How can anyone who writes so badly expect to be taken seriously by anyone? I’ll stick with TB.


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